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#1 - Data Use Agreement (DUA)

Health Endeavors requires a submitted Data Usage Agreement before we can move forward with account setup. Click Sample Data Usage Agreement for a link to an unsigned sample

#2 - Company and Security Official Setup

Fill out the Intake Form and send it to your designated Health Endeavors Account Manager.

#3 - MFT Access or SFTP Setup

There are two options for transferring data to Health Endeavors.

Llist of the information needed to grant MFT access:

SFTP Connection Setup

Return the completed SFTP Connection Worksheet form to your Health Endeavors Account Manager.


#4 - Security Official Training

  • TIN and NPI Network

  • Out-of-Network 

  • My Team

  • QM Import Chart

  • Provider Profile Configuration

#5 - Setup Quality Data Imports and Priorities

Configure the order of importance for each type of quality data import.

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