GPRO Decisions (Security Officials Only)

If you are a Security Official you will have access to the QM Import chart and GPRO Decisions.  

To access, click 'Admin' from the upper right hand corner of your screen and click on 'QM Import Chart.'

GPRO Decisions-1.png

Verify that you are in the current year and scroll half way down the page to 'GPRO Decision.' 


Confirm that all responses in the 'GPRO Decision'  panel are accurate.

  1. Launch CMS Web Interface 2021 - CMS Web Interface 2021 is locked to your 2021 HALR file and cannot be changed until the Q1 2021 QALR file is received. First available date to unlock is January 15, 2021.

  2. Date to enable GRPO 2021 saving - This will enable saving in GPRO 2021 and simultaneously disable the CMS Web Interface 2021 portal. December 27, 2021 is the first available date, however this date is subject to change depending on the release of GRPO random sample.

  3. Do you want to unlock TIN/NPI assignment for GPRO 2021? - Please be careful when changing this selection. If 'Yes' is chosen you will be allowed to make changes to the TIN/NPI assignment for patients included in your GRPO 2021 random sample. Your initial selection will take effect on the date to enable GPRO 2021saving above. This option is defaulted to No, which means we will NOT unlock your TIN/NPI assignment and apply updates that you have made. The initial assignment is as of the date the random sample was populated. If you decide to change to 'Yes" , this means you WILL unlock your TIN/NPI assignment and apply updates that you have made if you change to Yes and then No, you will move forward with the assignment at the time you made the change.

  4. Date to finalize GPRO 2021 submission - This will disable saving in GPRO 2021 portal. The last available date is March 24, 2022.

Once you are sure you have made the appropriate changes click 'Submit' to save.

GPRO Sample Selector

Below the GRPO decisions section you will see the GPRO Sample Selector. In this section you will have the option to choose to submit the Full Sample, Required Sample, or Optimal Sample for each measure. If the submission does not meet the standard, optimal or full it will be defaulted to minimum 248. Required sample score in red have over 10% skips. *Modules marked with an asterisk will not display a score because minimum qualified patients have not been achieved.


General Defaults


The following questions apply to all measures and cannot be overridden as these take the highest import priority.