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WiThings Body+ Weight Scale

Step 1. Installing Application (if already installed, skip to step 4) 


From the smart device, download the Withings Health Mate App (if not already installed) 

Step 2. 


Once the app has been downloaded, click Sign Up. 

Step 3. 

Choose Device.png

Select a Product. 

Step 4. 

Choose Body Weight Scale Device.png

Select a device - Scales 

Step 5. 

Choose Body Weight Scale Device.png

Select Body+ 

Step 6. 

Pair your scale.png

Pair your scale to your phone. 

Step 7. 

Click Install. 

Install scale.png

Step 8. 

Turn on scale.png
Pull tab on back of scale.png

Located on the back of the scale, press the button for 3 seconds. 

Step 9. 

Start App.png

when the scale displays "Start app", click the "next" button on your phone app to start the sync process. 

Step 10. 

Mac upgrade reset.png

If you received the options listed, on your scale, you have pressed the button for too long. Please go back a step to try again. 

Turn on scale.png

Step 11. 

Body scale detected.png
Body scale connected.png
Connect via bluetooth.png

Pair your device using Wifi (preferred) or Bluetooth. 

Step 12. 

Create Account.png

Enter criteria's to create your WiThings account. 

Step 13. 

Set a weight goal.png
Weight personlized measurments.png
weight lets try it out.png

Setup your personal weight goals.

step 14. 

Body Weight Scale.jpg

Your Body+ Weight Scale is now setup. Step on the scale to start your next measurment readings. 

step 15. 

Health History.jpg

The patient will need to create an account using the                              or login to their existing                             account. 

step 16.

My Account.png

Once logged into Health History, click the My Account drop-down menu and select Data Sharing

step 18. 

Data Sharing.jpg

Turn on Emergency and Treatment Data Sharing to share your Health History Form and Remote Patient Monitoring results with your healthcare team. 

step 19. 

Connect Withings device.jpg

Click the Devices tab. Then, click the Connect button next to the Withings logo. 

step 20. 

Withings Login.png
allow Sync.png

You will be redirected to login to your WiThings account where you will then be be asked to allow Health History (formerly known as Get Your Health Record) to access to your measurement data. Click allow this application. 

My Journal 

GYHR Nav Bar.jpg
My Journal.jpg

Your WiThings measurements will display in the My Journal section. If your data sharing is turned on, it will also display for your healthcare team to review. 

Body+ Weight Scale Factory reset

On iOS & Android:

1. Go to Settings for device

2. Select Disassociate this Product then Remove from my account



Device Factory Reset:
1. Hold button on the back of the scale for 8 seconds then release

2. Click button till you select Reset
3. Device will reset. You may get message

4. Apply weight to scale – do not set weight. Scale will then turn off



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