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KPI Suite

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Year of Service
Year of Service - Select the year of claims data you want to view, e.g. selecting 2021 will show claims from
Population - Select the patient payer population you want to view, e.g., Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Self-Insured Employer, Commercial or Medicaid. You have the ability to choose more than one population at a time.
Effective Period
Effective Period - Select the period for the patients you want to view e.g., the active/attributed patients during that period. Effective periods apply to Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Primary Care First (PCF), and Direct Contracting Entity (DCE) but not commercial populations as it shows only the most recently imported membership list. Effective Period is intended to display patients for the time period selected and the current year of data unless the Year of Service is changed to a different year.
Division - Select a Division (groups of facilities setup in a group, created in Network Manager), if you are using divisions. You may select more than one.
TIN Name
TIN Name - Select TIN/Practice Name from the drop down. You may select more than one.
SubGroup Name
SubGroup Name - Select subgroup(s) (group of NPIs setup in Network Manager) if you are using subgroups. You may select more than one.
NPI - Select your NPI/Provider Name(s) from the drop down. You may select more than one. ​
Clear All
Click on the 'Clear All' button to reset your filters.
Once you have selected all your filters, click the 'Go' button to generate the Population Stats grid and Provider NPI Stats grid.




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