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Mutual of Omaha 

The purpose of this page is to provide a step-by-step reference guide for the sharing of insured data to Mutual of Omaha underwriters.

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Insured Medicare Data 

Federal Life insurer agents will provide a dedicated link to the potential insured consumer:


Login to MyMedicare Account. 

Login to MyMedicare account. If the consumer does not have an account, they may create one. 

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Share all of your data 

Select share all of your data to allow Health History access to the insured consumers data, 


Complete Enrollment 

Complete the * required fields and accept the terms of service, then click Enroll

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Turn On Data Sharing 

Once the enrollment is complete, the insured consumer will be directed to the Health History - Data Sharing page. Turn on share to a specific entity (Federal Life Insurance Company) 

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Accessing Health History Data 



Access Health History Data 

Underwriters will login to Health History at:


Coming Soon...

Health Endeavors will be implementing a new Multi-authentication Factor (MFA) on Sept. 30th, 2021. 


Search Insured

Click the document icon next to the insured name to view data.


Underwriters may also Export the list of insured consumers into an excel report. 

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