GPRO Dashboard

The GPRO Dashboard gives users an overview of their  GPRO completion. 

To access the GPRO Dashboard click on the 'Quality' drop down and the 'GPRO Dashboard' is located at the far right under 'QM Performance.' 


The top of this page shows your ACO completion percentage, Total Patients and Patients not completed. 

The pie chart shows your current Incomplete, Complete and Not Qualified patient percentages. While the Bar graph shows your patient completion per month.








This next bar graph shows Completion by Measure. The gray areas are your patients that show incomplete. Clicking on a section of the graph will bring you to the patient grid narrowing your results to just the patients that apply to that measure and status you selected. From the patient grid you will be able to review and update these patients if applicable.


GPRO completion board shows each practice for your ACO. For each practice you will see total patients, number of completed patients, % complete change from last month, number of not qualified patients and % of not qualified patients.

Export Leaderboard - Exports the Completion Leaderboard to an Excel file.


GRPO Completion Stats shows completed and skipped patients over the entire ACO. This gives you a quick summary of where you are at during the reporting period.