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Get Your Health Record is empowering and encouraging the patient to provider connection. 

Join the 53 + eligible Medicare beneficiaries in managing health information with ease! 

Get Your Health Record 


Assisting consumers in becoming more engaged in their healthcare and expanding the patient to provider connection. Consumers can interact with their health history form, track daily vitals and sync Medicare health history. Their data is shareable and can be sent to doctors, family members and caretakers. 

Enroll today to start taking control of your health information! 

Consumer Testimonials

Medicare Beneficiaries

Health History (formerly known as Get Your Health Record) is a Medicare approved solution for you to retrieve up to a 4-year health history from Medicare at no cost. Your data will not be shared unless you share it with your doctor or family members. 

Non-Medicare Consumers 

If you don't have Medicare, you can create a free account and activate your health history form to build your list of diagnoses and medications. You may obtain a direct messaging address to request your clinical records from your healthcare providers. 

Features and Instructions 
My Account
My Account

 Edit Contact Information 

1. Enter your Primary contact information. Then, click Save Contact Information. 

2. Click the + to expand and enter the Secondary contact details. Click Save Contact Information.

Edit Credentials: Change Username or Email 

1. Enter your Current Password. 

2. Enter your new desired User Name. 

3. Enter your new desired Email. 

4. Click Save Username and Email. 

Edit Credentials: Change Text/SMS

1. Enter your Current Password.

2. Enter your new desired Text/SMS. 

3. Once entered, click out of the box to enable and click Send Verification Code. 

4. A verification code will be sent to your device. Enter the code in the verification code field. Then, click Save Text/SMS. 

Edit Credentials: Change Password

1. Enter your Current Password. 

2. Enter your new desired Password.

3. Re-enter your New Password. 

4. Click Save Password. 

Edit Credentials: Delete Account 

1. Click the red Delete Account button. 

2. A pop-up window will display to confirm deletion. Click Delete. 

Note: When deleting your account, all of your data will be lost. This cannot be undone. 

Manage Delegates

1. Enter the Delegate's Email in the text field. The email must be associated to the delegates Get Your Health Record Account. 

2. You may remove an active delete from your list by clicking the Archive button next to the delegates email. 

3. You may re-activate a delegate by clicking the Restore button next to the delegates email. 

Manage Notifications 

1. Click the Change Email Address button to add or edit an email in which you desire to receive notifications. 

2. Click Save Email. 

3. Click Change Text/SMS number button to send a verification code. 

4. Once you have received your verification code, enter it in the text field. Then, click Check verification code. 

5. Once you have made your desired email and text/sms changes. Click the Save Settings button. 

6. You may opt of of notifications by clicking on the Opt Out buttons. Choose whether you would like to opt out of email, text/sms or both. 

Data Sharing 

How to Share Your Data 

Share your Medicare claims data, Health History form and Remote Patient Monitoring results with your healthcare provider to provide a 360° overview of your health information. 

1. Click the My Account drop down menu and select Data Sharing.

2. Click the Off button to turn On data sharing for a specific healthcare provider and/or emergency and treatment. 

Data Sharing
Claims History

Your Health Score 

Your Health Score is generated based on your diagnoses and demographic information.

Claims History Year-Spend

Consumers can monitor and prepare accordingly with their healthcare providers when they are reaching their max Part D medication spend (The Doughnut Whole).  Review a breakdown of dollar amounts spent for each claim type and the number of potentially costly events such as emergency room visits, MRI's, etc.

Claims Calendar View 

The calendar will highlight specific dates that have claims. Filled-n dates are for all service claims. Circled dates are Part D medication clams. 

1. Click on a highlighted date to review the claim details. 

2. Claim details include: 

  • ICD10 (diagnosis code) 

  • CPT (procedure code) 

  • Provider/facility details

3. Click the arrow next to the year to view previous years (if applicable) claims data. 

4. Below the Calendar view is an expandable/collapsible list based on type of claim

5. In the Filter by Provider text box, enter a providers name or NPI number to filter your calendar view.

6. Click Send Claims Data to send your information to doctors, caretakers or family members via direct messaging address. 

Claims Histoy
Things To Complete
Things to Complete

Your Health 

Screenings help your doctor and healthcare team in determining the best plan of action for your needs. You can also upload documents to these screenings for your healthcare team to review. 

  • COVID-19​

  • Social Determinants

1. Click Start on the screening you would like to complete.

2. Answer all of the questions provided.

3. If you would like to upload a document to your screening; click Choose Document.

4. In your files, select the document you would like to upload.

5. Enter the Title of your uploaded document.

6. Click Upload.

7. Click Save to save your screening.

Healthy Activities

Also known as "Care Gaps" that need to be captured by your healthcare provider. These activities consist of  blood work, in-office questionnaires and preventive care appointments such as wellness exams, colonoscopy and mammogram. Based on your claims data, a list of items will display with a status of whether these activities are required or completed. It is recommended that you follow up with your healthcare provider to discuss and complete the actions required. 

Updating Healthy Activities

Actions required will update once a new claim has been provided, however,  you may manually update an activity. 

1. Click the checkbox of the action you wish to updated. You may multi select items or click the checkbox next to Update Selected Items to check all. 

2. Click the Action Required drop down menu.

3. Select Action Required or Complete.

4. Click Update Selected Items to submit your updates 

My Journal

Date and User

1. My Journal will default to the current date. To change the date, click on the calendar icon.

2. If you have added children to your account, click on the drop down menu to select the user you would like to manage. 

Note: Dates with be highlighted should you have data history for that specific date. 

Body Compositions

If you have synced a Body+ Weight Scale, your compositions will auto-populated in the fields. Synced data will also be shared with your healthcare provider if you have turned on data sharing.

1. Manually enter your height and weight. Your BMI will auto calculate based on your weight and height entries.


If you have synced a BPM Connect blood pressure cuff, your heart rate and blood pressure readings will auto-populate. Heart rate will auto-populate if synced with fit bit. Synced data will also be shared with your healthcare provider if you have turned on data sharing. 

1.Manually enter your heart rate and blood pressure. 

Blood Glucose

1. Manually enter your AM, After Lunch and After Dinner blood glucose readings. 
Note: Trending charts will appear to the right of your results to capture progress through time. 

Daily Journal 

1. Enter daily notes in the note pad. It is suggested to notate symptoms, stressors, or items that may have affected your daily readings. 

2. If you would like to look search your journal for specifics, enter a key word in the search field, then click Search. Dates that match your criteria will generate in a pop up window for you to choose. Click Select to view the desired journal notes.


Remember to save any manually entered data. 

My Journal
Secure documents 

Add New Record 

1. Enter the name of your Record.

2. Enter a short Description of what is included in your record e.g., blood work results.

3. Click Choose File to upload a document from your files. A pop up window will display your file options, click the desired document then click Open.

4. Enter the name of your Document.

5. If you would like to add additional documents to the record file, click Add Another Document + (follow steps 3 and 4).

6. Click Save Record.

Note: You may choose up to 5 documents per record 

Managing Current Records

There is no max of how many records you may have in secure documents. Each record can contain up to 5 documents. 

1. Click Update Record to be taken to the edit page.

2. Within the edit page, you may:

  • Edit the record name, description and document names

  • Add a document 

  • Download a document 

  • Delete a document 

3. Once you have completed your edits, click Update All to save changes.

4. Click Delete Record if you wish to delete the entire record and documents within.

Secure Documents
Add Children

Add a Child 

1. Enter a child's name in the text field. Then click Add Child. 
2. A list of children will display below. You may Edit or Archive a child in your account. 

3. Manage active children in the Health History Form by selecting a desired name from the Child's History drop-down menu. 

4. Manage active children in My Journal by selecting a desired name from the Child's drop down menu. 

Add Children
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