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Enroll In Non-Medicare Account

Step-by-step tutorial video

Step 1. 

Dedicated link email.jpg

Provide Patient with dedicated link (e.g., email:

Step 2. 

Sign Up.jpg

Patient will click Don't have Medicare? Login or Sign Up here. Click Sign Up 

Step 3. 

Sign up email.jpg

Enter email or phone number (this will be your username). Create a password. Then, click Free Signup.

Step 4. 

Activate button.jpg

Once logged into Get Your Health Record click Activate Sharing 

Step 5. 

activate info.jpg

Complete the required fields, check box to except the terms of service. Then, click Activate.

** This step is required in order to create a patient record in Health Endeavors-Patient Lookup

Step 6. 

My Account.jpg

Click My Account and select Data Sharing. to turn on Emergency and Treatment Sharing

Step 7. 

Turn on data sharing.jpg

Turn on Emergency and Treatment Sharing

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