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Get Your Health Record 

Care Coordination Tool

Client ID - Blue Button with CCT 
Client Address 

Client Address 

Schedule a call to cover CCT, GYHR and/or Patient lookup 

Your Solutions and Objectives 

Start-Up Agenda Items

Let's Get Started!

Start by watching the 3 step training tutorials on how your daily work flow in each tool is designed for accessing patient Blue Button data and secure document exchange. 

Step 1: 

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Get Your Health Record 

How to instruct patients to create an account and add them to your portal roster. Watch the Dedicated Link video: 

  • Enroll with Medicare (using MyMedicare) 

  • Enroll in Free Account (Non-Medicare)

Step 2: 

Patient Generated Events

How patients can complete screenings and exchange documents with care team:

  • Patient-Generated events  

  • Secure document exchange 

Step 3: 

Care Coordination Tool

Watch the Care Coordination Tool overview. During the progress of your startup we will cover each item in more detail. 


  • Config panel

  • Manage templates

  • Reports

  • Calendar view 

  • View/create events 

Now it's Time to Cover
My Practice and Team Start-up Goals

Now that you have watched the daily workflow tutorials, we will cover your goals set forth for you and your team to get started. 

Goal 1:

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Setup your practice and team

You will need to designate a security official(s) to: 

  • Create practices 

  • Create Team members 
    - Provide specific rolls to users who will be working on the care coordination tool
    - Determine who your super users

  • Instruct new users how to login using their credentials and temporary password

Goal 2:

Designate and train team members to assist with patient  enrollment

These team members will assist the patient in Get Your Health Record Enrollment. When a patient is enrolled using your dedicated link, the patient will be added to your portal roster:

  • Enrollment Assistance using Dedicated Link

  • Adding patients to roster

Goal 3:


Patient Generated Events and Document exchange

Patients will be instructed to complete the monthly health screening in order to provide secure documents to their health care team. In return, the care team can upload documents back in the completed screening for the patient to review: 

  • Patient completes screening and uploads document for care team

  • Care team reviews and uploads documents for patient

Goal 4:

Team Building

Schedule Care Coordination Training 

Care Coordination Tool consists of a series of training sessions:  

  • Super Users - these users will be able to setup and customize the care coordination tool
    - Config panel

    - Manage templates

  • Service partners who will be working to create patient documentation

Project Meeting Minutes

Additional Team Communication

Team Contacts

Monthly CCT Status Calls 

Managed Populations and Programs

ACO Track/Glide Path:

Patient Assignment Type

Connected EHRs





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